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United Citizens for Change and Development (UCCD) is a Christian organization whose vision is to see a life transformed by the word of God in order to positively impact the community and whose mission is to support the Church for its mission and to support communities in their development processes.

Evangelism & Witness

In the field of evangelization, through our three branches which are already functional, at least four evangelization conferences must take place each month, accompanying the cooperating local churches. To achieve this, we sensitize the local churches in the intervention area by reminding them of their mission and we agree on what and how to do. Funds are mobilized on both sides and interested donors are contributing to this effect. Evangelization is done in this way: door to door approach, organization of evangelical conferences in public places and the projection of Christian films publicly on a giant screen. Evangelization also takes place through acts of charity and occasional social assistance. The results for each evangelistic conference are monitored by the local ... Evangelism

Bible Schools


As a lasting solution in contributing to the strengthening of Church leaders, a Bible school focused on theological training and community development from two to six years is underway in various churches in Burundi. More than 160 training centers are ... Bible School

Learders's Teachings


To help strengthen Church leaders, seminars on transformational leadership are held monthly by branch. Leaders from different categories are brought together for two days by exchanging on a chosen module and the impacts are currently remarkable ... Teachings & Seminars

Children Ministry


Basic education is the engine of any desired change if it is directed right and done on time. To contribute in this area, we provide support for Sunday school children gathered in different denominations and local churches using the tools of "TMC: The Mailbox Club". ... Children Ministry



Accompany the church in its mission :

  • Evangelism;
  • Strengthen the church.

Accompany the community towards a sustainable development :

  • Promote sustainable agriculture (support vulnerable farmers);
  • Accompany unemployed young people;
  • Promote good leadership within community.

Community Development

As specified in the National Development Plan of Burundi (PND 2018-2027), the economic situation is still very fragile with a GDP of 110 US dollars per capita and poverty affects more than 65% of the population. The food and nutritional situation is particularly worrying. While the agricultural sector constitutes the engine of the national economy and should be the guarantor of the food security of the populations, it remains practiced in a rudimentary way by approximately 1.2 million rural families (90% of households) on very small farms with an average size of around 0.5 ha. As a result, yields remain very low compared to African averages. To help raise this dominant activity of the national economy, we supervise our beneficiaries in associations by providing them with technical and financial support. ... community development


If u want to contact us or maybe to give support this is our address God bless u

Main office address: SOCABU Building
Appertement Nr 4, Gabiro Quarter, Ngozi-Burundi,

Email: uceburundi@gmail.com ;
website : www.uceburundi.com