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United Citizens for Change and Development (UCCD) is a Christian organization whose vision is to see a life transformed by the word of God in order to positively impact the community and whose mission is to support the Church for its mission and to support communities in their development processes.


Basic education is the engine of any desired change if it is directed right and done on time. To contribute in this area, we provide support for Sunday school children gathered in different denominations and local churches using the tools of "TMC: The Mailbox Club". We train Sunday school teachers in member churches and support them with materials (books for the teacher and for children) and accompaniment. The lessons concern children from 7 to 14 years old. To make the project sustainable, the coaching work is entrusted to volunteers from member churches, so there are team leaders, mentors and club leaders or monitors. Since 2018 to 2020, more than 30,000 children have been taught and certified by UCCD through TMC lessons. For the year 2021, UCCD received 36,000 booklets to provide the same guidance. In five years, UCCD expects to have supervised a workforce of 50,000 young brands and deserving to be monitors in future, leaders of their peers and effectively competent members in their various churches of affiliation.


If u want to contact us or maybe to give support this is our address God bless u

Main office address: SOCABU Building
Appertement Nr 4, Gabiro Quarter, Ngozi-Burundi,

Email: uceburundi@gmail.com ;
website : www.uceburundi.com