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United Citizens for Change and Development (UCCD) is a Christian organization whose vision is to see a life transformed by the word of God in order to positively impact the community and whose mission is to support the Church for its mission and to support communities in their development processes.


As a lasting solution in contributing to the strengthening of Church leaders, a Bible school focused on theological training and community development from two to six years is underway in various churches in Burundi. More than 160 training centers are already established throughout the country in more than 46 denominations. We are mentoring more than 5,000 people. At the beginning of February 2020, we held graduation ceremonies for 481 graduates who were completing the first installment of training and by the end of this month of February 2021, over 750 graduates of N2NCU will have their first installment diploma training for some and the second phase for others. We use the program of Nation to Nation Christian University (N2NCU) located in Texas in America which institution we are in partnership. The training is done remotely, the courses are followed via videos which are supplemented by related notes and discussion questions in order to facilitate assimilation and understanding. A facilitator from a local church undergoes training to facilitate at each local campus. Local Campuses are organized in churches. The teachings of N2NCU have brought a positive impact in the Burundian community because the testimonies of the beneficiaries (Students) are encouraging and the demand from the Churches who request the establishment of the N2NCU campuses continues to increase.


If u want to contact us or maybe to give support this is our address God bless u

Main office address: SOCABU Building
Appertement Nr 4, Gabiro Quarter, Ngozi-Burundi,

Email: uceburundi@gmail.com ;
website : www.uceburundi.com