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United Citizens for Change and Development (UCCD) is a Christian organization whose vision is to see a life transformed by the word of God in order to positively impact the community and whose mission is to support the Church for its mission and to support communities in their development processes.


Live transformed by the Word of God, to impact positively the community.


To equip the Church in its mission (To preach the gospel and to make disciples of Christ) and to accompany the community in the process of sustainable development.


Everything comes from God. We must be characterized by a life that is reconciled with the owner of the work through prayers.

Everyone puts his brother first. We value one another.

We are characterized by the love that we have for God, for His work and love among ourselves by carrying one another.

We are characterized by integrity to God, to what we are entrusted with, and to people.

We are characterized by sacrificing ourselves and sacrificing what we have.

We are characterized by focusing to our mission despite our hundrouses.


Program of assist the Church in Evangelism (PACE)

Project of Evangelization,
Project of strengthening church leaders.

Program of Community Development

Project of assist famers to improve their standard of living
Project of empowering communities
Project of assist unemployed youth


Our vision in 20 years to come is “to be a model association in the department of missionary (evangelism) and in teachings that revive leaders”.


To reach with the gospel of salvation at least 12 millions of people together with local churches where we expect 3,5 millions of people made disciples of Jesus Christ and among them 800 true disciples of Jesus Christ will be a source of tangible change in the community.

To help in the department of teachings where at least 3 thousand leaders from the community will be trained in good leadership, among them 500 will bring about remarquable change in the community.


Evangelism department:
We gather churches and share our vision and we accompany those churches in their first activities as we lead them to consider those activities as their own. We preach the gospel using one by one person approach, holding big crusades at stadiums, by showing cinemas aiming at preaching the gospel to people and preaching the gospel through helping people in troubles.

Teaching department:
we strengthen the church by training leaders using teachings that bring about changes in all domains of life. We use teachings through Bible school (for adults and children); using pastors retreats we also strengthen the church by holding seminars of trainings and prayers so that believers continue to be able to testify the truth they have known in all situations.

Development community department:
We gather farmers and jobless young people in small groups we accompany them in the development in order to help to find solutions to the problems of poverty in the community. (In every group, there are people who preach the gospel to non believers) We also organize the programs of teachings so that what they do in the groups become their lifestyle where they live.


Crusades of evangelism
Every year we reach 43200 people with the gospel of Jesus Christ in our three Regional antennas: Ngozi, Karusi and Ruyigi. We plan to start another antenna in Muramvya province.


UNITED CITIZEN FOR CHANGE AND DEVELOPMENT, UCCD in acronym (referred to as UNITED CHRISTIANS IN EVANGELISM, UCE) is a Christian, inter-denominational, non-profit association whose main mission is to support churches in the evangelization of the Good News of Jesus Christ, to strengthen Christians who have already encountered the Lord so that they may be instruments of transformation, to teach and support rural communities for sustainable development with the goal of financial autonomy of households. When the association was founded, God revealed Himself in 2006 to certain Christians among the founders. As they did not automatically understand what God wanted to mean to them, they kept the voice to themselves for two years but still listened to God. In 2009, they were enlightened and God guided them to find other Christians to accompany them in making this vision a reality. This is how the first evangelization conference took place in April, 2009 in MARUMANE in MURAMVYA Province. At that time we used the television screen and a simple DVD player to evangelize through films and we got around by bike or on foot. The association started then timidly with many threats and constraints but the Lord continued to encourage the founders. Door-to-door evangelization, the screening of Christian films publicly on a giant screen; conferences (evangelization, revival, prayer, etc.) have become the priority activities. To this was added assistance according to our abilities to vulnerable people. Currently, after more than 10 years of service, the results are encouraging. In each strategic axis, tangible achievements are underway. Our beneficiaries appreciate our services and we are happy with them. The association has 22 staff and more than 200 voluntary members, bodies including the General Assembly composed of 22 members, an Executive Committee composed of 5 members, a Supervisory Board composed of 3 members, a Board of Directors composed of 9 members and a national coordination composed by 5 full-time staffs (a secretary-cashier, a National Coordinator, an administrative and financial manager, the Head of community development and capacity building projects and the Information and communication), 3 heads of Antennas and other volunteers. Our national office is located at NGOZI. Our dream is to set up UCDD Antennas all over the country.


If u want to contact us or maybe to give support this is our address God bless u

Main office address: SOCABU Building
Appertement Nr 4, Gabiro Quarter, Ngozi-Burundi,

Email: uceburundi@gmail.com ;
website : www.uceburundi.com